The transition between Autumn and Winter is key in setting us up for the new year ahead. It is here where we allow ourselves to shed what we no longer need and make space for new growth. It is also a great time to get warm and cosy and wrap ourselves up in self-love, which will provide us with nurturing energy we need to make lasting change. The focus of this ceremony will be to open us up to the place where we can connect with that space. This ceremony will bring us into a circle here we will use a synergistic blend of sound healing, ceremonial and yogic tools to create this journey of transformation. All powered by a beautiful blend of raw cacao (diary free chocolate). Raw cacao has been used as healing medicine in South America for centuries as it able to open the heart and bring fresh blood to the brain releasing the brains natural bliss chemicals, whilst nourishing the body with vitamins and minerals. If you are keen to make changes in your life and want support on driving them forwards then this is the workshop for you! If you want to honour the Seasons and synch up with this natural flow, then join us! We look forward to guiding you to the sacred spaces with… Facilitated by Ben Saxon our resident Full Moon Gong Master, who has over a decades experience teaching yoga and holding transformational spaces, he will be supported by Sian and Lewis and their awesome array of sound healing tools and great energy! This is going to be an awesome session and will create space inside to enable you to grow and flow through the seasons… book on via the website.

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