Gentle Yoga and Relaxation

Gentle Yoga

Gentle yoga is nurturing, relaxing and restorative. It teaches you to learn about your body, mind and movement. It introduces the yoga poses (asanas), showing you how to relax and move gently, helping you to feel the benefits of a gentle practice that is kind to your body.

In this class you'll learn to take time out and relax in each posture and use your breathing to release any tension, for a gentle but powerful practice. We'll teach you to truly relax and let go, which can be a challenge but once mastered, you'll feel better than ever!

Gentle yoga and relaxation are perfect for those with health problems. Please check the class descriptions for more information about the class and for the level of function required to take part i.e. being independently mobile, able to independently get on and off the floor and able to independently manage stairs with the aid of a hand rail. If your level of function is limited by a health problem that you feel might prevent you from being able to take part in this or any other class, please give us a ring and we will be able to advise you further. We believe that yoga is for all and if you're unable to take part in a class, as you are unable to move or transfer unaided, we will be able to arrange one to one yoga sessions for you in our fully accessible downstairs studio with a teacher who has specific training in yoga for those with long term health conditions and reduced mobility.

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