Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa flow yoga, is a strong flowing yoga practice, where each movement is synchronised with your breath. During this practice you keep moving, flowing from pose to pose in time with your breath. Vinyasa flow is a popular and challenging practice for those that like to keep moving.

Yoga translates as union, of the body, mind, breath and spirit. Through a vinyasa flow practice, moving in harmony with your breathing, increases your body awareness, strength, flexibility, posture, balance, relaxation, focus on the present; helping you to feel strong, energetic and calm.

At Hummingbird we have different styles of vinyasa flow on offer; so whether you're a beginner wishing to feel the benefits, wake up on a Saturday morning and go for it, or simply relax and move mindfully, we have something for everyone.

Mandy and Vikki both welcome pregnant women who have previous vinyasa flow experience.

"Fantastic Vinyasa Flow yoga class @Hummingbird Pilates and Yoga studio Saturday morning. Powerful. Mindful. Relaxing. Loved it!! :-) Thank you Danielle Crow"

Danielle Crow

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