Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Written by Mandy Haynes September 2, 2019

If you were to look at the class schedule at your gym or yoga studio, you could easily end up confused by the number of different classes and styles on offer; Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar, Restorative, Hot Yoga – the list seems endless! It may take a while to find a style and teacher to suit you but there are a myriad of benefits to yoga whichever you choose!

My style of teaching has changed in the three years that I have been teaching yoga. Over the years, as a student, I have tried the odd Hot yoga, Restorative and Ashtanga classes but primarily attend Vinyasa Flow and Hatha classes and so my teaching leans in the same direction.

My teacher training with CamYoga focused on Hatha yoga and so to begin with, this was the style I taught. After a short while that evolved to a style I was calling Hatha Flow, which meant that I could combine both the holding of poses used in Hatha to create strength and flexibility and use the flowing nature of Vinyasa Flow to add creativity. Nowadays I generally only teach Vinyasa Flow yoga – I love to plan classes that are creative and flowing. Sometimes I will base a lesson on particular area of the body, such the arms or thighs, other times it may be around a set of poses such as balances or twists. The joy of this style of yoga is that as long as it flows well between poses, there are no limits to what you can include in your class! I also personally find that through the movement of the body, I am more easily able to let go of my thoughts and be more present.

Here is what we at Hummingbird Pilates Yoga have to say about what you expect from a Vinyasa Flow class!

Vinyasa can be translated as "arranging something in a special way" - such as yoga poses that are arranged in a flowing sequence. In vinyasa flow, each movement is synchronised with the breath to flow from pose to pose. Creatively using variations of Sun Salutations often form a basis for this style of yoga.

Yoga translates as Union - which is often referred to as the union of the body, mind, breath and spirit. Through a vinyasa flow practice, moving with our breath can help to get us out of our heads, where many of us spend much of our time, and bring awareness back into the body - the synchronisation of the breath and movement creates this union and can help quieten our normal "mind chatter”.

The physical benefits of this creative practice can be great; the use and movement of the body can build both strength and flexibility whilst creating energy and a feeling of space within the body.

Each body is wonderfully unique and different so these classes will have options for ways of moving to help you find a way that feels right to you - this may change at different periods in your life or on a day by day basis.

At Hummingbird we have different styles of vinyasa flow on offer; so whether you're looking to work through some basics for beginners, practice by candlelight, wake up on a Saturday morning or move mindfully, we have something for everyone.

Mandy and Vikki both welcome pregnant women who have previous vinyasa flow experience.

We would love to see you in a class – take a look at our website to find out more about all of the classes we have on offer -

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